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Report Results for Retail
Report Name: Weekly Advertised Fruit & Vegetables Retail Prices
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Information represents weekly advertised retail fruit and vegetable sale prices to consumers at major retail supermarket outlets. Please view the Retail Reports Help Page for more information.

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DateRegionClassCommodityVarietyOrganicEnvironmentUnitNumber of StoresWeighted Avg Price
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSAPPLE PEARS per pound292.21
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSBANANAS per pound384.61
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSBANANAS Y per pound160.90
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSBLACKBERRIES 5.6 - 6 oz package5,6133.01
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSBLACKBERRIES Y 5.6 - 6 oz package1054.00
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSBLUEBERRIES 1 pint package7183.65
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSBLUEBERRIES 18 oz package1263.93
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSBLUEBERRIES 6 oz package1,8603.24
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSBLUEBERRIES Y 1 pint package2133.13
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSBLUEBERRIES Y 6 oz package1,3283.26
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSCANTALOUPS each3,8252.96
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSCANTALOUPS per pound259.73
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSCLEMENTINES 2 lb bag2234.26
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSCLEMENTINES 3 lb bag1,0354.99
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSCLEMENTINES 5 lb package3096.46
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSCLEMENTINES Y 2 lb bag1733.96
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSHONEYDEWS per pound140.95
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSLEMONS 2 lb bag2,2514.06
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSLEMONS each2,822.64
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSLEMONS per pound138.84
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSLEMONS Y 2 lb bag2494.61
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSLEMONS Y each221.04
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSLIMES each1,979.42
03/17/2023NATIONALFRUITSMANGOES each6,8461.18
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