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About Us

The purpose of the Market News program is to provide current and timely price and supply information on cotton and to aid buyers and sellers in assessing market conditions and in making purchase and sale decisions.

The Cotton Program market news functions are performed by the Market News Division. The Division supervises the Program's Market News and Quotations programs and disseminates national market news. The Division also develops and maintains current and historical statistical information on supply and demand, prices and related data.

Cotton Market News consists of daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports on prices, quality, and market conditions for cotton and cotton seed. National reports include the entire Cotton Belt and cover such factors as demand, supply, prices, quality, stocks, offerings, inquiries, sales, textile mill activity, crop development, and harvesting progress. Reports also include supply-demand estimates, crop reports, program announcements, and any other information deemed of benefit to the cotton industry.

Area Market News reporters collect cotton market news data in person and by telephone. Because growers and local merchants rely on this information, emphasis is given to the rapid and frequent collection of cotton market news. Area information is supplemented with information from local classing offices for inclusion in national reports. At the national level, information on domestic and foreign cotton is obtained from the Bureau of the Census, the Agricultural Statistics Board, Foreign Agricultural Service, Economics Research service, Farm service Agency, and Cotton Outlook of Liverpool, England.
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