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Types of Reports

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The information the Specialty Crops Market News Service provides is primarily available through reports generated by this portal web site. In addition to the nearly unlimited number of customized reports created through the Portal, text reports and formatted (PDF) reports are also available under "Standard Reports" and through the "Market News Search" feature.

The information is gathered through confidential telephone and face-to-face interviews carried out by skilled market reporters employed jointly by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and State agencies. Information is impartial, current, and reliable. Reports are disseminated free of charge through this Internet web site, newspapers, radio, and other Internet sources and are available by email through the USDA Economics, Statistics and Market Information System (ESMIS) in a partnership with Cornell University. Nearly 375 formatted reports covering over 500 fruits, vegetables and ornamentals crops are issued daily, weekly, monthly, or annually to assist industry members in making informed marketing decisions.

Terminal (Wholesale) Market Reports

Wholesale market reports on fruits and vegetables are issued daily based on information gathered at 13 major U.S. cities. These reports show price data on commodities traded at the local wholesale market level. Prices reported in wholesale markets are those received by wholesalers for sales in quantities of less than a carload or truckload, for product that is of good merchantable quality and condition, unless otherwise described. Terminal Market information is available as both Custom Reports or Standard (formatted) Reports.

Shipping Point Market Reports

Shipping Point Reports cover major fruit and vegetable growing areas. The reports include f.o.b., or shipping point, prices that represent the most uniform level of trading. Prices are reported daily by type of sale and indicate at what price the product was sold. Imported fruit and vegetables from Mexico, the Caribbean basin and other areas, are also reported as shipping point information, based on the point of entry into the U.S. Shipping Point information is available as both Custom Reports or Standard (formatted) reports.

Shipping point prices represent open (spot) market sales by first handlers on product of generally good quality and condition unless otherwise stated and may include promotional allowances or other incentives. No consideration is given to after-sale adjustments unless otherwise stated. Brokerage fees paid by the shipper are included in the price reported. Delivered Sales, Shipping Point Basis excludes all charges for freight.

Movement Reports

Movement information is available as both Custom Reports or Standard (formatted) Reports. Access the Daily Movement Report formatted report from the Customer Reports - By Report Type section. Reports are available for both the latest reported day and for historical dates back to June, 2008, and are issued by these commodity groups: All Fruit and Vegetable, Fruit Only, and Vegetable Only. Once you are taken to the Daily Movement Report landing page, click the preset links to retrieve PDFs of the latest reports, or utilize the date fields to create custom time frames for the information you need. The Daily Movement Report is also available under Standard Reports (Movement).

International Information

The Portal provides information on key wholesale markets in Canada, Mexico, England, Poland, France, Bulgaria, and The Netherlands. Market information from other areas will be included as they become available. Prices are in U.S. currency. International information is available as both Custom Reports or Standard (formatted) Reports.

Retail Reports

Retail information is available as both Custom Reports or Standard (formatted) Reports. Issued weekly, the National Fruit and Vegetable Retail Report shows advertised prices for fruits and vegetables at major retail supermarkets by region as well as a national basis. The report lists the number of stores with advertised specials and comparisons to previous time periods. Organic information is included and the report also shows the percentage of advertisements marked as locally grown.

Organic Information

A compilation of organic information issued by Market News, the National Specialty Crops Organic Summary is issued daily and brings together terminal market information, shipping point information and movement information on a day by day basis. Information for organic produce is available as both Custom Reports or Standard (formatted) reports.

Ornamental Reports

Ornamental information is available as both Custom Reports or Standard (formatted) Reports. Current terminal market information is available for Boston. Current shipping point information is available for Imports through Miami. Movement information is available for imports.

Local Farmers' Markets and Auction Reports

Available under Standard Reports, these are summaries of activities at farmers markets and auctions for locally grown produce. Reports are in text format.

Average Prices

The Custom Average Tool available under Custom Reports allows the user to summarize the price information for terminal market, shipping point, and retail found in Custom Reports into average price reports and dashboards by using filters to narrow the information.

Other Information

The Fruit and Vegetable Truck Rate Report lists the average freight rates from most major shipping areas to selected markets across the United States on a weekly basis. You can access Truck Rate Report information by clicking the Truck Rate Report link in Custom Reports - By Report Type or under Standard Reports - Specialty.

Apple Processing reports are issued each week by most offices covering apples at shipping point. Reports include prices paid by processors and volume delivered to processors. The National Apple Processing Report is a PDF-formatted report which combines information from various areas and also includes Apple Juice Concentrate import information.

The monthly National Honey Report contains honey and other information which may be of interest to beekeepers and honey handlers.

The seasonal twice-weekly Pecan Report covers the demand, market conditions, and prices paid to growers of pecans at southeastern shipping points as well as in some competing areas.

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